Return Policy

We want you to be fully satisfied with our products, but if for any reason this does not happen, you always have the option of returning or changing the product.

FUse the return form to register your request!
Product change:

  • if you want to change the product ordered (other lengths, color, type) this can be done by sending the ordered product back, with payment to the consignee (at EL-NELSUS CLOTHING SRL). We will announce you upon receipt and we will re-establish what product you want us to send you back
  • The new product will reach you again within 2-3 working days.
  • CAUTION! The returned products must be perfectly intact in their original packaging and should not have signs of wear for reasons of hygiene and health. Products that do not comply with these conditions will be returned to you for hygiene and health reasons!
  • For hair extensions, it is very important not to detach the seal, otherwise it may be considered that the product has been tested or worn.
  • If you removed the seal, you will lose the return guarantee
  • Do not try to re-assemble extensions!
  • Colour, length, weight and hair quality can be noticed without removing the  seal
  • Our team will assess the product upon receipt to verify the fulfilment of the return conditions
  • If the product does not comply with the terms and conditions of return, we will prepare a report in the presence of the courier stating the issues that do not meet the conditions of return and the product will be returned to you for reasons of hygiene and health!
  • Exception: if you have broken the seal but the product has not been worn / used / tested, or when the packaging is damaged, you will be charged a repackaging fee of up to 25% of the value of the product, which will be invoiced to you later!
  • The products are returned with the accessories received, with the bonuses or gifts offered, and necessarily accompanied by the purchase documents
  • Are not accept for return the products without the seal, or which are worn, trimmed, dyed, or which have other signs of deterioration
  • Clip-on parts, separated wefts, are the only ones that cannot be changed / returned for strict hygiene and health reasons.
  • In the case of natural or synthetic hair wigs, the return guarantee is lost if you have cut the transparent net that borders the wig or if the adjustment system shows signs of forcing

Any return that does not comply with our terms will be refused for hygiene and health reasons!
Our team will exclusively checks the quality of each article, providing you with the guarantee that the items ordered from are in impeccable condition. In the case of an exception, we assume the responsibility and replace your article with the same one (model, size and colour), also bearing the charges for transport (both from you to us and from us to you).
The Romanian legislation in force stipulates that: „the consumer has the right to cancel the contract unilaterally within 14 working days, without penalties and without invoking any reason. The only costs that can be borne by the consumer are the direct costs of returning the products”.
If you wish to return one or more products or to signal a defect or the delivery of a wrong product, it is necessary to inform us within 3 days of receipt of the package, by calling one of the phone number: +40791614098

or by filling in the return form!
You will contact an Operator from XCLUSIVEHAIRLINE to whom you will communicate the Article you want to return, and what article you want us to send you back. You will automatically receive an email with the address to which the return item has to arrive, and with details of the return process.
Within 15 days days from the date of return, we will refund you by Bank Transfer the value of the order. (For this we need your 24-character IBAN number). Return costs will be charged to the customer. Refund is made only on the value of the item returned. If you want us to refund you the amount of money, you need to contact us by phone to let us know!
* Costs related to the return shipments and the orders chosen in their exchange outside the territory of Romania will be borne by the customer.
Careful! Return costs will be borne by the customer. The refund of the amount refers strictly to the value of the products ordered, not to the costs related to the transport of the products.

If you initially received free shipping (usually on orders over a certain amount set by XCLUSIVEHAIRLINE), the sum will be withheld upon refunding the value of the product that formed the offer with the free shipping, and of course invoiced later!


Steps to RETURN the product:

  1. Fill in the Return Form at the bottom of this page; this is necessary in order to process as quickly as possible the Return and to send you a substitute product or to refund your money to your account
  2. Package the products you wish to return – the product in original packaging (cardboard + transparent foil, or box, as the case may be) should be placed in another box so that neither product nor packaging will be damaged during transport
  3. In the package add – the warranty certificate (where applicable), the copy of the invoice and the completed return form (in case you have not filled it out and sent it to us).
  4. Send only by courier package with the goods to an address provided by us. The packages sent by Romanian Post will not be picked up! Also the parcels with payment at delivery will not be picked up!
  5. For the return abroad, the package needs to be sent back to an address provided by us. For the customers abroad, the color exchange or product exchange aren’t allowed by the delivery company, only by sending back the product received  first, then our company will send the desired product.

The costs of returning products are borne by the customer!

The refund of the value of the returned product will be made within 14 days of Return by bank transfer to the IBAN account specified in the Return Form, according to the legislation in force!

Cosmetic products

  • with the original label;

  • with all the related accessories;

  • without traces of use, without any traces of deterioration or wear;

  • No damaged packaging or scratches

  • Must be sealed


  • with the original label;

  • with all the related accessories;

  • with the original warranty certificate;

  • no visible traces of damage;

  • without unauthorized or non-conforming use of the products;

  • No damaged packaging, scratches, mechanical / electrical shocks.

If the returned product was accompanied by a gift, the gift is also to be returned.
If you purchased several products of the same kind and you want to return them all, only one product can be unsealed, the rest of the products being accepted only if they are sealed (in the case of products sealed by the manufacturer in order to protect the content).
According to the new Law 249/2015, Art. 16, point 8, “it is forbidden to condition in any way the legal rights of consumers regarding the product purchased by the retention of the packaging.” According to the OUG 34/2014 ” the end user is only responsible for diminishing the value of the products resulting from their handling, different from what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products. The diminution of the value of products must not be deterrent to the end-user in exercising his right of withdrawal. “As a result, if the consumer returns the product in a state that diminishes its value, the trader is allowed to deduct part of the amount returned to the customer. 

EL-NELSUS CLOTHING S.R.L. undertakes to return to the customer the sums received for returned products within 14 calendar days of receipt of the return notification based on the return form filled in by the customer. In the return form, the bank’s data and bank account must be specified. This return form is just a model. According to the law, the client can withdraw from the contract by an unequivocal declaration by any means he wants: email, mail, verbal, etc. 

Refund may be delayed until the return parcel is received by us or until receipt of a delivery confirmation of the shipment to Xclusivehairline, taking into account the closest date.
Expenses will be charged according to Ordinance 34/2014 “The consumer only bears the direct costs of returning the products”. The return amount for the customer does not include shipping costs, but only the purchase value of the product.
All returned products, for which the full refund is returned, must also meet the above-mentioned conditions. 
We reserve the right to refuse the acceptance of a return in case of repeated returns made by the same customer and if the returned products do not meet the return conditions set out above.